A Letter to My Team on Game Day

Today is the Day.

Every game day we need to think of the days before.

From the day we got here to start preseason and the two weeks of two a days that followed, from full field suicides to our favorite finishing drills, to 1v1 defending to the 9 hour bus trips.

We need to think of wins. The ‘We Did It’ feeling.

We need to think of losses. And the immense guilt we feel if we haven’t done our part (or if we just feel like we haven’t done our part).

We need to think of the hours, minutes, seconds we’ve put in.

And we need to be a family. All 32 of us, starters, subs, the bench, and coaches. We need to buy in, trust the system, and play for each other.

We are here for a reason: one reason.

To show up and play for 90 minutes.

To my defense: You ARE the best defense in this league and arguably this country. You WILL make the right tackles, you WILL be the stronger player and you WILL win every ball out of the air. You are the backbone of this team. Defense is our best offense.

To my midfield: You’re our playmakers. You say go, we go. You say hold, we hold. Your voice is the most important voice on this field and your energy drives us. You’re the catalyst, the glue, the transition – play with every ounce of being you have for every moment you can.

My forwards: SCORE SCORE SCORE. Make that extra run, dive through that header and find the net. Take the shot if you have it. Don’t get discouraged, its impossible to score every shot but you have to shoot to score. We want the ball in YOUR feet and we want YOU to try to find the net. Play the way you know.

To the girls on the bench: You are our heart beat. If you’re on the bench for 30 seconds or 90 minutes YOU keep this team moving. We play for each other, we cheer for each other, and we rely on each other to be successful.

Most importantly, to my team as a whole: LETS HAVE FUN. Remember what got us here. Remember falling in love with the sport. Remember the gift we are given to lace up these cleats every single day.

Remember what it feels like to WIN.

More than anything remember who you play for: it can be yourself, your parents, or your coaches. But remember us. Remember that every second for these 90 minutes we are one unit of 32 people. One team. One Heart.

We’ve dedicated way to much time, energy and heart into this team to do anything but give it everything we have.

Today’s the day.

Let’s show up and play.


Your Teammate

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