Living Limitless

cropped-img_30865.jpgThe past few months, and really specifically since 2019 started, I have really been searching for a single word that I would be able to embody and live out my entire life.

Between the words believe, hope, courage, overcome, I haven’t felt anything resonate with me. I was starting to give up and thought, “maybe this one word for the rest of your life thing isn’t for you.”

Then, kind of out of nowhere, I was presented with a word that just felt, well, perfect.



Limitless. /Limitles/ Lim-it-less.


Without end, limit or boundary.


I’ve done a lot of reading on the word, I have seen it presented in literature, church, hell there is even a movie title Limitless, but throughout my personal evaluation of the world I think it means more than just “no boundaries”.

Being limitless means defying odds and breaking norms, being limitless means not letting things hold you back. Being limitless, to me, is the process of living by my own rules, in my own space, dreaming big and facing fears head on.

Defying the Odds and Breaking Norms

Being a standout, on the field, in the classroom, in friendships and in the world is never a problem and should never be viewed as one. Wanting to be the best is okay, and not wanting to be the best (as long as you’re YOUR best) is ALSO OKAY! Defying YOUR odds and breaking YOUR norms and getting out of YOUR comfort zone are the only way that you’ll ever believe you are unstoppable.

Living by my Own Rules in my Own Space

Living by my own rules in my own space is something that I have always struggled with. Attempting to be someone who is less concerned about what others think and more concerned about what and who makes ME happy. By dictating that I want to live by my own rules only in my own space makes it so my actions do not affect others but affect only affect myself. Creating a space of comfort and safety in my room, my apartment, and in my own head allows me to live big. Asking people for their opinions on things that have no true effect on them puts me in the limit of their opinion and is something I want to get out of the habit of doing.

Dreaming BIG

As cliché as it is, dreaming big and not dictating the scope of my dreams is one of the best ways being limitless. Giving myself the ability to dream dreams and have goals that would be considered foolish or naïve creates a sense of freedom and is absolutely exhilarating. Knowing, for myself, that I am not crazy for having goals of the White House or being the Attorney General of the United States has given me a new ability to accomplish absolutely anything I want.

Facing Fears Head On

Facing fears head on is what I would call, my “being limitless strong suit”. Things that scare me generally motive me and make me want to be better at whatever it is I am doing. Facing fears head on eliminates excuses and is so so so liberating. Though I have faced my fears fairly well my entire life I still feel as if I have only scratched the surface of it. Things that are scary at first generally have the best outcomes and produce the coolest rewards.


 These above are the ways in which I, personally, have motivated myself to be limitless. They are actions I take, everyday and things I remind myself of over and over as my days go on.

But how do I ensure that every action I take is me living beyond my own personal limits?

  1. Never voice a problem without a desire to be a part of the solution

In any situation, of any caliber, if a problem is voiced it should always be followed up with action. This is the cliché “talk the talk and walk the walk”. If you are not willing to be a part of a solution then you should not be voicing the problem. Calling errors out in your life, and having the passion, drive and desire to be about the work that comes with them will push anyone outside of the limits.

  1. Never assess a difficulty solely in the light of your own resources

Disclaimer: this is where I may lose some of you.

Assessing situations only in light of what we can do, and the ways in which we can propel forward and we can keep going will only get us so far. Assessing situations with how we can be a help to move forward, how we can get help to move forward and how teamwork does truly make any dream work will push us beyond any limit.

It also is imperative that we never fear asking Jesus for help. He IS our Savior. He LITERALLY DIED for us and he always has our back. We cannot solely rely on him or hit him with a “Hey, Jesus I really need this job” or “Hey, I really need this grade” but we must put the work in (have a desire to be the solution) and he will guide is.

We can NEVER undermine his power and his love.

  1. Never forgot that your new challenge must answer to you last victory

Someone once said to me “life is just a series of uphill battles but we have to enjoy the ride down.” And as much as I hate that outlook on things, I think it works. Sometimes, shit will suck. Sometimes, well see no end in sight. But usually, we’ve been in a similar situation before. Life if not smooth sailing, it’s not just the going down or corkscrew on the roller-coaster. It makes us climb UP first, and sometimes it’s a hard ass climb and sometimes (well usually) it feels like the trip down was so much shorter than the trip up you always make it up, even when it seems like there is no end in sight. When life gets tough (sometimes too tough to manage) I just have to remember: GOD WOULD NOT BRING YOU THROUGH YOUR PAST TRIBULATIONS TO LET  THIS SITUATION OVERTAKE YOU.


Living limitless isn’t easy, and sometimes our image of a ‘limitless life’ can get jaded. But living limitless makes the possibilities truly endless. It allows me to believe that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE and know that I can do anything I put my mind to.

Dream BIG.

PRAY lots.


NEVER let ANYONE hold you back.

DEFY odds.

BREAK norms.

Face your FEARS.

Live BEYOND limits.


“When you’re focused on the storm, and not the savior, the storm will get the better of you.”


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