You’re Livid About Ohio and Alabama’s Proposed Abortion Laws – Now What?

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If you’re anything like me: a feminist, a woman, a person educated in the 14th amendment and the right it gives a women to her privacy and her OWN body, then you are absolutely OUTRAGED by the recent bills passed in Ohio and Alabama.

If you are someone who understands that there is no end to abortion, there is only an end to safe abortion, then you are absolutely OUTRAGED by the recent bills passed in Ohio and Alabama.

If you believe that a man who rapes a women should have a harsher punishment than an ELEVEN year old who had an abortion because she was RAPED then you are absolutely OUTRAGED by the recent bills passed in Ohio and Alabama.

Based on my own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Tumblr, tons of my people have shared their distaste, their sadness and their logic about the violations these bills are putting on women everywhere. Now, I could go on and on and on about the many reasons why this bill is awful, unconstitutional, violating, oppressive and basically a step that is attempting to push women back into a place they have fought tooth and nail to get out of. I could go on and on about how adoption is not always an option and our adoption and how our foster care systems are already overwhelmed and overcrowded. I could go on about how a woman should not be forced to carry a constant reminder of how she had her own dignity stripped away when she was raped. And I could go on and on about how men should NOT be the one’s making decisions on women’s bodies. BUT that is not what this post is about.

This post is about the ways you can to channel your rage, your disgust, your heartache, your sympathy and your compassion for women everywhere in order to stand up for your beliefs.

  1. Call, write and bombard your representatives who voted for this.

These MEN are busy and have a million and one things going on. So be annoying, be heard, be assertive and do not stop. Call them and leave message after message after message. Write them letters and mail them in. Send an absurd amount of emails. Below is a link where you can see who voted Yea and who voted Nay on this bill.

It might not change a whole bunch, but you’re doing more than pressing share and you’re making sure that you are heard and seen, and your voice and RIGHTS are not further lost.




2. Donate to Organizations who are fighting for what you believe in.

There are organizations all over the United States who are fighting for women’s rights in Post-Roe America. I understand that, like me, we do not all have money to hand out but if you have a spare dollar here, or can pass on the latte on the way to work once a week, then you can make a difference. These organizations help women get rides to clinics (especially now that it will have to be across some state lines), offer lodging and meals while in towns, fight against the bills that are passed and form educational opportunities and groups for women’s reproductive health.

Here  is a link to many of these organizations. Two that are not included in the link are Planned Parenthood and the ACLU (who is currently suing to block Ohio’s abortion ban).

  1. Be there for those who may need you.

If you can not donate money (which I, a broke college student, understand completely) there are many other things you can do,  like becoming a clinic escort. If you have ever been to Planned Parenthood for anything (I went when I was 18 to get on birth control because I was having TERRIBLE cramps) then you know that it can be terrifying walking in. There are often times people outside who will shout things at you like “baby killer” or assure you over and over that they are, in fact, praying for you. This is overwhelming, scary and can even be misleading. Volunteering to walk women into these clinics, to sit with women in waiting rooms and to just listen to these women can truly be monumental. Here is a link where you can find and volunteer for your Planned Parenthood.

  1. Do not underestimate your vote or local elections.

It is important to have national leaders who support women’s reproductive rights but this fight is also (and now very clearly) on a state level. Your city and state governments set tones and zone noises on clinics ability to stay open or ultimately close and on women having the ability and access to reproductive education and rights. Know who you’re voting for, know where they stand and please please please vote whenever you have the opportunity.

  1. Do NOT stop talking about.

Abortion is a sticky subject to bring into conversation. It makes people uncomfortable (which I am well aware of at my Catholic University) and can honestly change someone’s opinion of you. But this should not stop us from talking about it. Just because our local and state governments are attempting to make anti-access the new norm in the country does not mean we have to fall in line to it. Bring it up, stand your ground, and stay heard.


I know pressing share is sometimes the easiest thing to do. I know that a lot of us don’t have time, money or resources to feel like we can really make a change, but you can. Make a call to your local representatives on the way to work in the morning, skip the latte and donate that $5 to organizations that make access easier, know who you’re voting for and where they stand, educate yourselves, do not be uncomfortable talking about it, do not be afraid to be a minority in a conversation, educate yourself and others and do not EVER go quite.


I’ll sum it up with saying this again: we must keep abortion safe and legal. We must fight for what we believe in. And we MUST make constantly remind people and our law makers that women’s rights are human rights and a women has rights over her own body. Image result for pro choice

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