spread something other than germs.

As I sit at the kitchen counter and think about all of the things that the craziness of life has taught me the past two weeks, I can’t help but come back to one thing every single time: The amount of people we come into contact with every single day. Now, this may seem like a‘duh’ realization, but it really has blown my mind. 

Most mornings when I’m at school I talk to my five roommates, walk across my campus and run into or walk past 100 people, sit in my class of 30 people, then my next class, then my next, then my next, walking past 50 different people between every class. After class I go to the café and get lunch which could have anywhere from 50-100 people in it and the 15 staff working. At night I find myself at practice where I see the team and coaching staff, another 20 people. Then I hit the weight room, 15 more. Sometimes I stop at the grocery, or make a dunkin run or simply end my night at the library, coming in contact with anywhere between 100-300 more people. And I come home and get ready for bed, see my roommates and (more nights than not) at least 3 of their significant others.  On the low end, in a single day, I have interacted with 563 people. That number varies every day, there are days I skip classes, days I take the back way to class so I can see as little amount of people as possible and days I simply do not feel like leaving my room unless absolutely necessary, but even on those days I walk past, smile at or make eye contact with at least 100 human beings. 

This seems stupid, and like I am about to talk about how isolation sucks or the spread of germs but I’m talking about the spread of something entirely different: our energy. When we walk past someone, when we go about OUR day, in OUR environment, we do so with incredible influence on the days and environments of others. The energy we give off CAN be contagious and CAN have an effect on the days of everyone we come in contact with (AND on my low end thats still 563 PEOPLE). Simple acts of a smile, holding a door open, making eye contact or saying hi can have the ability of changing someones entire day or even week. The energy we carry with us, throughout our day, is the energy and attitude we put into our world.

energyIf 50% of our population carried positive energy and positive vibes with them and each person interacted with roughly 500 people (all of which would not have any effect, but for the sake of argument lets say 20% of those people have an extra smile, or extra sense of “hey, life is good” becuase of the energy they felt) , think about the positivity we would be putting into the universe? 

Throughout this disaster, many people have tried to be positive but some have succumb to the harsh reality of the situation we are in. No matter which group of people you fall into, I can promise you that those with a ‘bright side of things’ outlook will find something happy in every shitty part of this disaster. There is something about positive energy that changes your outlook, changes your experience and truly changes what is happening. COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere, but your attitude on it can go somewhere.

Take this time to grow, love your family, eat meals together, make memories, find a passion, read a book, enjoy nature, bake a cake, learn to paint, write letters, call your grandparents, reflect on the life you DO have the opportunity to live and not the things this virus is taking from you. Yes, its a virus and it could effect you (or those around you) physically in ways that our out of your control, but the energy you have is in your control, and the energy you put into the universe during this crazy time (in your own home, at the grocery store, or even on social media) could make our break our nation: so make it good. Make it positive. Make it healthy.

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